Best Brunch Spots in North Carolina

Let's be honest, we all know that brunch is the best meal of the day. This is not only because of the amazing food, but also the vibes, aesthetic, and ambiance of brunch that just far outdoes any other meal. Now that you see that I am actually obsessed with brunch, I don't think you will be shocked to know that I have tried TONS of different spots! As a college senior in North Carolina, I have spent my freetime over the past four years seeking out these different locations throughout the state. With all of this being said, today, I am adding to my travel blogs by bringing you the top 5 best brunch spots in North Carolina (or possibly even EVER).

I was going to try to give you a countdown to the best of them all but honestly, they all have their reasons for being #1 in my heart. Okay, I am obviously excited to share these so I hope you are excited to hear about each. Lets get into it!

1. Print Works Bistro (Greensboro, NC)

Okay honestly, starting off with a bang and this one is going to be tough to follow. Print Works Bistro is located in the Proximity Hotel in Greensboro, North Carolina. This brunch spot is not only absolutely beautiful, the food is outstanding as well! From the freshest hot chocolate to the worlds best cinnamon buns there is noting that you will find here that is not absolutely delicious! Also, I should add that this hot chocolate is not like most. It comes with the steamed milk, chocolate fudge and mug all separate so you can mix it all together to your liking! This is why it is an absolutely must have when you are visiting this amazing brunch spot. Honestly, if you have a sweet tooth then this is the place for you! Even if not, there are so many options you will love! My favorite entree is the PWB Benedict! All in all, at Print Works Bistro you will get amazing food, great pictures, and after you can find a ton to do in the area! This location is about 1.5 hours from both Charlotte and Raleigh (so basically it sits between these two) and if you are from either of these cities or further I promise it is WORTH THE DRIVE!

2. Mimosa Grill (Charlotte, NC)

If you have not already been made aware of my love for buffets from my other social platforms, you know it now! Buffets in general are always the best but especially for brunch because EVERYTHING always sounds amazing! Not only does the Mimosa Grill have a buffet, beautiful city scenery, and outdoor seating, but they also have a tapas menu! This menu is full of small plate items that you can choose from and they get delivered fresh to your table! To make it even better, you can get as many as you want! I mean can it actually get any better!? I think not. Actually, I take that back.. it can! The Mimosa Grill has the best Peach Bellinis that I have ever had and that is my drink of choice. I just thought about how weird that sounded because I probably should have tried a mimosa at the MIMOSA GRILL but you will have to and let me know how it is!

3. Magnolia Blue (High Point, NC)

Did you know that brunch could be made southern? Me either! This is the southern bell of this brunch list and trust me it is unique and delicious. The menu at Magnolia Blue is filled with so many different southern style options including multiple different eggs Benedict prepared on a biscuit... I repeat, BISCUIT EGGS BENEDICTS! Who would have thought you could make an already delicious plate even better! But wait... again, it gets better. The best plate on the menu BY FAR is the crab cake Benedict. Trust me, no other Benedict will ever compare. I apologize for that after you try this. They also have a creole omelet and shrimp and grits which are SUPER SOUTHERN and delicious plates as well! Magnolia Blue also has rooftop dining (weather permitting) at select times of year! Lucky for me, it is about 5 minutes from High Point University so I can go all the time! I promise if you are in the area visiting the campus or travelling down for the furniture market, this is a must try spot and you will not regret it!

4. Restoration Hardware

I am pretty sure that Restoration Hardware is the prettiest place I have ever seen in my life. Doubling as a furniture store, this brunch spot is the most instagrammable (I looked it up its a word) of them all. From the moment you walk in, beautiful furniture, chandeliers, and dozens of mirrors surround you. Once you take a million photos, you have to head up to the third floor to find the restaurant. Trust me, you will think you have seen it all but not even close. This rooftop style restaurant is actually enclosed by windows, giving you the outdoor vibes with the comfort of being indoors. Trust me, its amazing. SO amazing that I actually just went to this brunch spot TWICE in 2 days, yes it was THAT GOOD (and it is an hour and a half from me at school). The first day I had the avocado toast which was two FULL pieces of shared toast absolutely covered in avocado. But the second day.. OMG. I had the scramble and I just don't think I will ever get over how amazing these scrambled eggs were. They also came with a side of avocado, toast, and sea salt butter. Actually amazing.

5. Tupelo Honey (Raleigh, NC)

I actually just learned that there are multiple Tupelo Honey locations across the country but in North Carolina, they are in Raleigh, Downtown Asheville, South Asheville, and Charlotte. This is the cutest little southern brunch spot with an at home feel and small city vibes (honestly trying to think of the best way to describe it). The first thing you have to do when you go here is order the biscuits because they are absolutely AMAZING! Also, what makes these biscuits even better is that all of the proceeds go to the Tupelo Honey Relief & Development Funds that aid their employees in need! This just goes to show you how awesome this place is! But there are so many starters on this menu and honestly appetizers are my favorite thing and for brunch it is less common to come by! So far I have only been able to go here once with my family at the Raleigh location and it has made all of our top 5. My brother and I both got the avocado toast as our meal which we agreed was some of the best we have ever had. My mom had the 'Old Skool' Breakfast Bowl which had eggs, cheese, potatoes, bacon, salsa, and red pepper sauce over grits and goat cheese. I know this sounds like a lot of random items thrown together but it was absolutely delicious! Definitely a must try when visiting North Carolina!

Honestly, you cannot go wrong with brunch anywhere but I have to say these locations far outdo the rest! Sadly, I have only vlogged at one of these brunch spots which was Tupelo Honey but I will link that video for you HERE! I hope this list helps you out when travelling to the beautiful state of North Carolina! I will be sharing more of my favorite locations across the country with you all so be sure to come back for more! For now, happy brunchin'!

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