The BEST College Hacks!

1. Room Key on Bracelet

Have you ever seen Zoey101 and thought that her idea of painting her key and putting onto a necklaces brilliant but wondered how she could open the door like that? Cause same! It is so important in college to ensure that you have your key on your every time you leave your dorm so with this you will never forget your key!

2. Keychain Wallet

In college, it is important to have a place where you can quickly and easily access your campus card, cash, and keys. Each of these items are needed multiple times a day when you are in college so having them in a place that is quickly and easily accessible is a necessity! Also with this one, you can clip it right onto the side of your school bag!

3. Downy Wrinkle Releaser

No need to drag your iron or steamer to college because this is your savior! This amazing spray can get the wrinkles out of any fabric and never stains! It is perfect for running to class without taking the extra time to iron or steam!

4. Virtual Books

This hack is important to your college experience so that you never have to carry heavy books across campus or show up to class unprepared ever again! Virtual books are also much less expensive making this a great way to save money in college!

5. The Original MakeUp Eraser

Clear skin makes college so much easier! Staying up late, hanging out with roommates and friends, going places last minute occurs more often than usual in colleg. This is why it is so important to make sure you are comfortable and confident in your skin and improves your experience!

6. Key Hooks

This last hack is SO helpful for you to make sure that you do not forget the things that are most important to have throughout your college days! Nothing is worse than having to call security or your RA to be let into your room or going to eat without your campus card!

Click here to watch my YouTube video for further explanation!

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