iPhone Customization with NEW IOS 14

  1. App Library: Ever feel like your screen is cluttered with apps and sometimes you don't even use most of them regularly? I did too but no longer! With the new IOS 14, you are now able to clear up your home screen by moving your apps to the app library! Press and hold for the option to remove app then press "remove from home screen" and you will have a clear screen with your apps neat and organized which you can find by swiping all the way to left where you will find your neat and organized app library!

  2. Widgetsmith: This is the BEST new app that you MUST download to add new elements to your home screen. With this, you can make custom calendars, text boxes, add pictures, and SO much more to personalize your homescreen! There are so many color choices that can be used to match the aesthetic of your iPhone!

  3. Back Tap: This is an AWESOME new feature that is very customizable. By going to your settings> accessibility> touch > Back Tap you can enable this feature! You can set two different options, one for double tap and another for triple tap. Options include things such as app switcher, Siri, or screenshot (which I chose) but there are seriously SO many to choose from!

  4. Group Messaging REPLY: This is probably the coolest and most useful addition to messaging ever. Now in a group chat, you can go back up to an old message and directly reply to it! By pressing and holding down on a message, the option to reply comes up so you can directly answer an old message!

  5. Facetime: Okay so there are two amazing features that have been added to FaceTime. One is that you are now able to multi-task while FaceTiming! This means that you can continue your conversation while seeing the person you are talking to and they can still see you as well! This feature is made even more amazing with the second addition which is you are now able to turn on eye contact in the FaceTime settings so it never looks like you are doing other things while on FaceTime!

I will continue adding to this list as I come across new features! Also, I have a YouTube video on my channel showing you all how to get started with these features and how I customized my own iPhone! Click HERE to check it out to get started!!

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