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As I sit on my flight from New York to Texas and write this blog, it still doesn’t feel real. Am I SERIOUSLY moving to Dallas!? Well since I am already this far, I guess it’s true and there is no going back now!

As someone who went (pretty) far away from home for college, I thought I had this “moving”/“traveling thing under control. Well… as it turns out, moving to a new place that is within driving distance is MUCH different than moving halfway across the country.

First of all, finding the perfect place to call home can be difficult when everything about this new location is unfamiliar. I also know that it can be very challenging and overwhelming to figure out how you are going to get everything you need there!

After going through the process myself, I have tons of tips and tricks to share with you to make your big move smooth and stress free! So with that being said, let’s get into it!

Tips to find the PERFECT home

The first tip I have is to do TONS of research about the area you are looking to move to beforehand. Whether you are relocated for a new job, school (like me), or just for a change of scenery there is so much to think about. Ultimately, it is important to start thinking about what you are looking for and what characteristics and features of a new home are most important to you. Here is what my priorities were.

Proximity: When I started looking for places to move my first priority was proximity. I am someone that enjoys being within walking distance or at least a short drive away from my essential location(s). In my case, this was my grad school which I was lucky enough to find out that there was a ton of apartment buildings right in the area. This gave me a lot of options to choose from and the ability to continue thinking about what else was important to me

Environment: The second priority was the environment. What else was around? What type of person chooses to live here? Again, in my situation there were a variety of options. Some apartment buildings that I was looking at were right above lively promenades full of coffee shops and restaurants, some were more tucked away and quiet, a few were awesome for individuals with pets, and others were brand new and attracting many young people. As a 21 year old living in my first new place, it was definitely important for me to live in a place with the most people that were in the same or similar situation as me.

I also want to add that in general, it was ideal for me to find that by just living in this area I would still get to be exposed to all of these different people and locations. However, by narrowing it down to the part of the area that I did, I maximized my exposure to what mattered most to me.

Amenities: Obviously there are so many different things that different apartments, subdivisions, and homes have to offer. Some have big beautiful pools and amazing fitness centers, others have big yards, outdoor space and patios, and there are even those with the perfect areas to work from home or host meetings. These are definitely things to research as you are going through the process of relocating as well as to make sure to ask about when you are going through your tours in order to ensure that your new home has everything you need.

Tips for Transporting

If you are anything like me then I am guessing you hace tons of stuff that you are trying to bring along with you to your new home! Obviously when moving halfway across the country, this is no easy task. However, what I have learned throughout my moving experience is that there is a cheaper way of doing it!

Shipping your Car: If you are taking your vehicle along with you but not physically driving it down then it is SO important to make sure you load it up as much as possible! This is pretty much a game of Tetris trying to fit everything in the most efficient way possible but if you are paying to ship your car then why not get the most bang for your buck!

Checking Extra Bags: This is another big trick I learned in order to move as much stuff for the least amount of money! If you are not aware, shipping boxes can get EXPENSIVE especially when they are big and heavy! Most airlines have a 50 pound limit for checked bags that you should DEFINITELY take advantage of because after doing a little research, here is what I found:

  1. Southwest: First 2 bags are free

  2. American: $70 for 2 bags

  3. United: $80

  4. Delta: $70

With this being said, I could not find a postal service that could mail a box of this weight or size for under $150 and it may not even be properly insured or get to you at the correct time! So I HIGHLY recommend doing this if you are moving a lot of stuff a long distance!

Tips for Furniture

A big mistake that I made (because I am highly impatient) is mailing tons of furniture to my apartment before I was to my apartment. The problem with this was I was recieving confirmations that my packages had arrived but I had no way of finding out where they were or honestly, if they actually did! I was very fortunate to be moving into an amazing building with individuals who were willing to move the boxes outside of my apartment into it but I know too many people that do not get this lucky! So here is my advice:

Try to buy from companies that let you schedule delivery: Honestly, all of my bigger and more expensive pieces of furniture were delivered this way which helped some of my stress but I really wish I had done it this way for more of my things!

Wait on the little stuff: Again, just an example of me being impatient but I actually had down to my coffee table books sitting outside of my apartment waiting for me... likeeee what! In the end, it did all work out for me to get all of my things but if I did it again I would DEFINITELY do it differently just to avoid the stress it caused!

Ultimately, moving should be a fun and exciting experience that you are able to enjoy so I hope that these tips help you to make it that way!

For more moving tips check out my latest video here!

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