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To be completely honest, I have not always been someone who fully enjoyed traveling. Not that I don't love a good vacation, but just because preparing for a trip was always something that was very stressful and time consuming for me.

There really is SO much to consider when preparing to travel. There are so many items you may want or need in your carry on, so many necessities that you would not want to forget, and just some things that you don't actually need but they make your life easier if you just remember them! As a college student from Upstate New York that goes to school in North Carolina (specifically High Point University, which if you dont already know I am OBSESSED with it... but anyways), I have spent a TON of time travelling back and fourth between school and home. Overtime, this has really made me a pro traveller and I have definitely figured out how to make this entire process easier and more relaxing with a few essential items!

Charger Case

I actually can never go ANYWHERE without knowing that my phone will stay charged the entire time I am travelling. As dramatic as it sounds, the biggest reason for this necessity is for my own comfort and safety. On the other hand, I am also someone who prefers to use my boarding pass in my apple wallet so it is actually ESSENTIAL that my phone does not die so I can get on my flight. The apple charger case is 100% my FAV but I have also used Mophie's charger case which is almost as great (really the only difference is you have to turn it on yourself whereas the apple case is automatic)!

Noise Cancelling Headphones

I can never fly without headphones because I am always working on something, listening to music, or catching up on my favorite series! I have used many different headphones in the past but the Powerbeats Pros are definitely my go to especially when travelling! (P.S. I do have a video that will be coming out soon about these!) These headphones TRULY are noise canceling and give me the best sound quality on a noisy flight! They are also completely wireless so they are amazing when talking on the phone before and between flights. I highly recommend making the investment which I will explain more in that video!

Travel Luggage Scale

This is something that comes in handy every single time I travel. As someone who ALWAYS over packs (which is an acquired skill that I get from my mom lol), this small tool is SO USEFUL and LIFE SAVING! It is extremely accurate and easy to use! All you have to do is hook it to your bag and LIFT! That is how quickly you will be able to see the exact weight of your bag! With this amazing gadget, I am no longer the girl holding up the line to adjust the weight of my suitcases!

Convenience Kits

To be honest, these save my LIFE! By using convenience kits, not only do I never forget any of my toiletry items but I also save SO MUCH time when packing (and it also helps to reduce the amount of weight in my suitcase)! Everything you need comes in this small pouch (Toothbrush, toothpaste, mouthwash, shampoo, conditioner, etc!) and is also TSA approved so you can even bring it in your carry-on bag! HIGHLY recommended unless you are very product specific!

Travel Jewelry Organizer

When travelling, I always like to keep my jewelry with me and having an organizer makes it possible to do so! With this SUPER CUTE jewelry organizer, my jewelry no longer gets tangled, lost, or banged up while on the go! Honestly, I tend to keep a lot of my fun vacation jewelry in it at all times so that my favorite pieces are always packed up and ready to go! I also have another one that I got from Etsy (and I am still trying to find a link to that one) that is solely for my Disney jewelry which is always fun and easy to pack for those trips!

Neck Pillow

I personally CANNOT travel without a pillow and this is my favorite one! This is because I am always working on SOMETHING when I am travelling because it is honestly one of the only occasions that I have uninterrupted free-time! With just this little pillow, I never get off the plane with a sore neck from working with my head down. I mean its also the best when I do fall asleep in the middle of one of my travel projects!


Maybe its just me, but somehow by sitting still on a plane my hair gets REALLY MESSY. I always need hair ties in general but even more so when I am on the go. Now, I make sure that I have these velvet scrunchies in my carry-on at ALL TIMES. These scrunchies are my favorite because they do not leave creases in my hair so I can take my hair down as soon as I land! They are also cheetah and adorable to its just a win-win!

Honestly, I could probably go anywhere with just these items (and clothes of course) which is why I wanted to share this list with you!I really enjoy flying now that I feel so prepared and less weighed down! I hope that even one of these products or ideas is new to you and benefits you while travelling!

As always, let me know if you ever looking for more links to my favorite products!



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