Valentines Day Date Ideas

Happy February!

Valentine's Day is such a special love filled day to spend with your significant other. However, it is not always easy to find the perfect way to make your day special and different from your typical everyday life. Today I am going to be giving you my five favorite Valentine's Day date ideas for Valentine's Day 2021! I have previously posted a YouTube video explaining these ideas which you can find HERE! I am really excited because Valentine's Day is on a Sunday this year which should leave a lot more room for activities than usual!

I also wanted to add that I made these date ideas all things that you can do while social distancing or if your area is still shut down to keep everyone safe!

Picnic Date

My first Valentine's Day date idea one that I posted a whole video about! I will link the video HERE! My picnic date was super cute and so much fun because me and my boyfriend just went out on a whim to try this and spent the day together! I actually can't even take credit for this idea because my boyfriend planned the entire day when we did this! He looked up a botanical garden in our area which was absolutely BEAUTIFUL and a perfect place to spend our picnic! Before we left, we packed the car with some fun drinks and blankets to sit on the ground with and we ordered Thai food to pick up on the way! (which is our favorite but probably not the best picnic food) We also found a list of questions to play a game to see who knew each other better which just added something to the date! vPicnic dates are just so much fun and really easy to do! It is also just a really cute way to spend time together and not be surrounded by others! I highly recommend to watch that video if you are going to use this idea because it was just a perfect cute little date!

Date Night In

My second date idea for Valentine's Day 2021 is to do a date night in! To do this and really execute it you have to actually make plans! This is because if you say "oh we're just going to stay in" it's probably going to turn into your normal night of hanging out. That is totally fine and fun if you're into that but if you want to make it special because it is VALENTINE'S DAY you have to plan some stuff! This can include picking out a movie to watch, snacks to eat, what you will have for dinner or dessert, or even planning a spa night! Spa nights alone are really fun too and a great date to orient your gifts around! For example, some Ugg slippers, robes, or other self-care items! So basically what I am saying with this date night in idea in general is to PLAN your night and have some fun things to do! If you want to play a game like I mentioned for the picnic date, that works too! I promise having stuff to do will make it different than your typical night in and can be super cute and romantic!

Scavenger Hunt

My third date idea can be as big or small as you want it to be but that is a scavenger hunt! This is really fun because you can make it a way for your loved one to find their gifts or have it take them to their favorite places! This can be done around your house, town, college campus... literally anywhere! The clues are so much fun to make so get creative! You can make them rhyme, give them riddles, or even just tell them exactly where to go next! Scavenger hunts can take as much or as little time as you want! To extend its length, you can add in a dinner reservation, movie, or anything else that you plan to do that day! I will link my Pinterest HERE so you can see some ideas!


My fourth date idea is to do a couples photo shoot! To do this you don't even need a professional photographer or even a real camera for that sense! All you really need is a friend with a phone and it'll still be super cute! This date idea just gives you something to do and a reason to get dressed up! So find a cute outfit, do your hair and makeup special, and go for it! You don't have to be in public if you don't want to! You can go in your area, to a botanical garden, or around your own property! Whatever you prefer to have pictures in! You can do outfit changes so it takes longer and you get more shots but it'll just be something that you can always look back on and remember this specific Valentine's Day! I promise you will be really happy that you have those memories regardless of what else you do that day! I really think that this date idea is a fun way to add a flare to your day because it is reason to get super cute and fancy or just really stylish! You can also do it with your Galentine's and get cute accessories and it will still be so much fun!


My fifth and final date idea is an adventure day! I mentioned in my Valentine's Day Gift Ideas Video that there is an official adventure book that is pre made and I linked it HERE. However, you can also make your own and start it on Valentine's Day or you can just make a day to have a day! What you choose to do will differ depending on what the weather is like in your area but some ideas are to go hiking, ice skating, for a walk, or to a farmer's market! There are so many exciting adventures you can do so try something new! Just something to get out of the house and get moving while spending time with your loved one! Honestly you'll probably get super cute pictures and have a really fun time with this date idea too!

I just wanted to give you ideas for your Valentine's Day because i know i'm already thinking about the plans for mine! I'm SO excited to make it super super special this year!

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